Sunday, March 28, 2010

when life throws lemons..

working this morn was not too bad..

after that, went for lunch. went to try the 'famous' tow kee opposite yellow bus stand. gosh..

1. so hot
2. so slow
3. the tauke face like thunder
4. the maid so slipshot, clean table also leave plenty of mess
5. the tauke keep screaming at her maid
6. ordered medium, maid gave big, said no medium exists. when pay time was charged for big, on the wall clearly stated got medium.
7. can hear the ppl at the table in front of me (1 face as black as thunder, 1 keep apologizing for bringing them there) complain to each other: wait so long already lo. wait so long so little ah!!

food was not bad. service and environment totally sucked. so glad i went alone.

got a certain ambiguous vibe from someone.. not sure what i should be feeling or how i should react. not sure what this fella wants also. but a single word can turn my orderly life into disarray.

weather is so hot! feel so sweaty!

3 cars cut me very very close at the junction after toll right before they have to go up the flyover. stupid ppl. if wana cut, please don't cut so close. and 3 somemore 1 after another. i know u all very teror.. very geng.. always take the outer lane to skip all the cars then cut in just before u have to go on the flyover. Stupid humbugs. please don't cut so close when i'm not driving particularly slow and when i have the right of the road.

came home.. some brainless person park right in front of my house door somemore. then i have to park far far away then walk into my own home. under the hot scorching sun.

went online.. saw some stuff. sometimes i dunno is it my problem or others.

just really tak syok and boh mood right now.

i know i should take all the lemons and make it into lemonade..

but now i'm just too fired up.

don't mess with me. please.

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