Saturday, March 13, 2010

look further

sometimes the world is wider than what we see or don't see in front of us.

when we look at our personal lives, we see things that don't go our way, dreams that aren't fulfilled, work that isn't done..

not to say that these are not important.. but..

somewhere on this planet, there are people who see their houses crumple in front of their eyes, with or without their family in it. there are parents who see their children die from starvation. sickness. old folks who have to walk maybe through bushes and steep rocky paths just to get to town for some groceries. children abandoned along roadsides by parents not able to support them. or innocent children born with HIV and just living waiting to die and it's not even their fault.

we are lucky to be alive and whole.

so i guess i should stop grumbling and ranting bout my insignificant problems and start being a better person in whatever little way that i can help.


lyn said...

Yea, be positive n make urself available for our Penang trip (if possible). Hugs:)

£ydia said...

we have trip to penang? haha