Wednesday, March 24, 2010


had quite an interesting gym experience today. hmm..

this gym pro said wana teach us how to stretch. i thought that would be like.. lean here and there while ppl pushing u or sth. actually it was like... i duno how to say.. haha.. but it was damn painful. i clack one side, felt very weird (like unbalanced.. maybe coz song sai one side and stiff the other) and painful, then clack the other side, then clack all the way down the back. i wondered how far my waist will turn before i break into two. then it was time for the neck. :S

then coz i complain of neck pain, the short neck massage with our favourite LMS.

wow.. pain man. haha..

but after that, felt like whole body song sai. so nice the feeling. but the process.. hmm..

thanks anyway!=]

don't think i dare to try it on others though.. unless they got buy life insurance.

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