Friday, September 17, 2010

points of interest in these two days...

1. bukit tinggi is freakin hot. is this global warming?

2. after like 2 years away from kl, i accidentally took the lrt instead of monorail.. so end up need to walk a long long way to low yat. in the rain somemore.. along the way, met this ang moh who asked me, pointing to my umbrella.. "where can i buy the parachute?"

wow.. now that i think bout it, there is some resemblance between those two..

3. some people actually prefer night call to A&E. i was supposed to work night call tonight and A&E on sunday. now i get to work A&E 8-5pm for both sat and sun instead. at least my internal 'clock' won't be jumbled up.=] working weekend sucks though.. if not i can go meet tortugana and maybe evileyn this weekend.. :(

4. was wearing my P106 t-shirt and shorts today and passed by some saleman. he had to ask.. are you over 18? ><

5. my camera oh my camera.. why are my pictures corrupted sometimes?? nikon says camera no problem.. memory card might or might not be the problem.. most probably computer problem.. huh?

6. i'm super freakin broke now.. :..( need to start saving some money...

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