Wednesday, September 29, 2010

frp day 1

i got back into htjs. not to say very elated, not to say very sad. my parents are the happiest though. i suppose i should feel very blessed, actually. since there are places far more ulu where there's no internet, no water, and petrol costs will end up high as well as car maintenance for driving through the bumpy stone roads.

so anyway, here i am now starting as full-time warfarin mtac pharmacist and to take over the orthopedic wards 4B and 2B. in actual fact.. i'm scared.. i don't feel like i know a heck of a lot. i don't feel confident in myself. sigh.. most importantly, i must make sure i do not harm any patient in any way, or i will never forgive myself.

whatever it is, here's to the future.

my new motto for this year:
don't demand respect. earn it.


Huey Ying said...

i think its good that ure staying bk in htjs :) jia you! :) and take care.. hugs!

Jin'' Hazell'' aR Boon said...

Girl, take k and jia you. I like your last phrase: Don't demand respect. Earn it!!