Thursday, May 20, 2010

is cervarix or gardasil really neccessary??

been wondering for some time.. to take or not to take.. if take, which brand.. seems like both has quite a high incidence of side effects.. although most people are fine. mom's freaking out at the thought of taking the vaccine.. putting thoughts of death rates into my head. a brief search on internet and now apart from death, got paralysis, bells palsy etc swimming in my head. i'm just wondering.. will i regret it if i don't take it? sigh... my mind's a blunder.. and i'm not getting younger. 26 will come all too soon.. :(


rockymtngrma said...

According to the American Cancer Society, 90% of HPV infections clear on their own with, or without, medical intervention. The best protection against cervical cancer is annual pap tests. They catch problems before they become a health threat. Cervical cancer decreased 75% over the last few decades due to screening in the United States. No one ever died, or was disabled from a pap smear.

Jin'' Hazell'' aR Boon said...

gal, so shld take the injection or not?