Saturday, May 22, 2010

h/o's... ><'''

i can never understand how they think..

went to the ward to collect data for my research. all i need is to search the census for ugib cases, then have a peak at the bht to see whether it's due to forrest I or II ulcers, then a few minutes will do to complete my survey form.

scenario 1: hmm.. bed 22.. bed 22.. where's bed 22? oh that h/o is holding it. i observe for a while. he's just hugging the file close to his chest while following the m/o on their rounds. he's not doing anything to it, not looking at it, but just holding it. and they are rounding some other beds. after a while, the h/o walks to the back of the ward, talks a bit, still holding to that file. so i approach him and ask politely whether i can use the file for a while. he looks at me like i'm rubbish (he knows who i am since i was attached there for a while) then he asks: WHY? okay... so i explain.. just for a while to jot down some details for research. then he creases his brow, looks totally irritated, and says: NOT NOW. then walks away. wth? No. 1: so rude. No.2: not like he's using it anyway.

so i follow him around at some distance like some puppy. and it's so obvious that he's not using it. the fact dawned on him too but will he pass it to me? nooooo... after hugging the file and following the round for some time, he finally took the file and put it on the trolley. gah.. cannot admit he was hogging it by passing to me? anyways, i didn't even take 5 minutes.

Scenario 2: i needed the file for just like 1 minute to check whether is ugib due to ulcer or not, file's at the counter, h/o says wait. fair enough, they had to use it to confirm something over the phone. after that, another doc turn it facing me to check something, then they were done with the file. i tried to sneak a peek at the yellow ogds finding page to see the diagnosis, then this h/o turned the whole file around, purposely i think, just to leaf through it. waa.. then i had to read upside down as he leafed through.


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