Wednesday, March 23, 2011

musings of 10 years before..

right now i'm having the beginnings of a headache, with aching bones and intensive futsal training ahead. lolz.. i so wana just jump into bed and go to sleep, not wondering whether i should start reading a chapter of sarawak handbook a day or devise some sort of plan that precludes working, eating, playing, facebook-ing, drama-ing and sleeping so that i can fill my brain a little.

i've been mechanically going to work and coming home everyday, and suddenly i realise i've been a frp for half a freaking year. gosh, why don't i feel more adequate?

but i digress..

the main idea propelling me to revisit my blog was so because i was suddenly reminded of life as it was 10 years ago, when we were in form 5 and 17 and young.

ah those were the days...

i think back to how i thought life would be in the future.. and it is so not like what it is now.

i think back to what i thought was so important then.. and well, some still is, like friendship. exams..? err well, let's not talk about exams since we are finally beyond their bind. woohoo..

i think of tears shed over love lost. well, i now see the meaning of the phrase "what can't kill you makes you stronger".

somehow it saddens me to know that certain paths will no longer cross. that relationships will drift apart inevitably.

everyone has made their various decisions over the path of time, leading them to where they are now, to who they are now. some leading accomplished lives, some leading simple but happy lives, some still searching.

and i can sense a lot of red bombs landing soon.

we are who we are. life is good. the laughter shared over all these years are still echoing in my ears. the tears, i choose to forget.

life might not have turned out as what i always planned. in fact, it turned out better than i could have ever imagined. i realise that paths will cross and paths will part. that's the way of life. i'm saddened by the parting that always happens, but since there's nothing i can do bout it, i will just treasure the moments all the more deeply, all tucked in their respective pockets in my heart.

cheers everyone.

may everyone have a good life. ^^

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